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Welcome to our Site

Welcome to FIG Trading and Investment website, your journey to financial freedom. We specialise in Stocks and ETFs Trading. Having achieved outstanding returns in our trading and investment endeavours we are now in a position to share our journey with you. Using our systematic, tried and tested methodology, we want to help you gain a  cutting trading edge. The trading courses, mentoring and coaching services that we offer will maximise your upsides and minimise your draw-downs  propelling you to your financial freedom.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you identify your trading edge, nurture you to develop strategies that are consistent with your trading personality and  to develop you to be the best  profitable trader you can be.

Our Story

Our Goal is to become the best educator in trading Stocks and ETFs with the view of helping clients grow their financial knowledge and net worth.


I am delighted to introduce FIG Trading & Investments Ltd. Founded in 2016 as a sole trading suite specialising in US Equity markets from an in initial personal  investment of US$ 1,000. The initial investment has grown exponentially from these humble beginnings and now boasts a six figure portfolio which we project to reach seven figures by 2022.

Our mission is to help new and not so new traders identify their edge. We use simple rules that will help you become successful and consistent traders and investors in the Stock Market. We believe teaching and mentoring is the secret to trading success. Stock Trading is a journey, with many obstacles along the way. We have been through these obstacles, we have learned from them and we have embedded these learnings into our teaching and mentor-ship strategies so that you don't have to go through them yourself.

By signing up with us, we believe we can be of value to you. Attend one of our trading seminars and we will share with you some amazing opportunities that lie within the Stock Markets. Information, used wisely, is Power!

The Founder

The Founder and Managing Director, Farai 'Iggy' Goremucheche is a professional economist who has held roles as a Professor of Economics and Business  and as a Economics Policy Adviser for Her Majesty's Treasury (HM Treasury, United Kingdom) in Financial Services. In his role as an  Economics Policy Adviser, Iggy researched how the financial markets impacted  economic growth. His regular interactions with the Bank of England and the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR UK) made sure that financial forecasts where relevant and up to date, leading to robust and well informed financial models. Iggy also managed the  Treasury's  forecasting models for the Mortgage Guarantee and Help to Buy: ISA schemes. This part of the role informed and fed into the National Budget.


Prior to serving  Her Majesty, Iggy was a Professor of  Economics and Business at a University College in the Province of Alberta, Canada. The role involved teaching and research in Inflation Targeting Central Banks and Price Stability. Lecturing in Alberta gave Iggy the opportunity to meet, teach and mentor some amazing and hard working students. In his second year as a professor Iggy was awarded the Faculty Member of the Year accolade for "Outstanding Contribution to Student Success."  

During all this time Iggy has been trading the markets part time whilst pursuing his academic and economics passion. He has used his academic background and research skills to develop winning trading systems.  These systems will make you money in "Bull" , "Bear"  & "Lateral" Markets.  

Iggy  holds a BSc. (Hons) Economics, PGD Econometrics, MSc Economics & Finance and Investment Management Qualifications. He is  also a member of the Chartered Financial Analysts ( CFA UK) and has been so since April 2007 . As the Chief Investment Officer, Iggy has the analytical tools and  insight into Global Economics and Equity markets. 

At FIG Trading & Investment Ltd  our mission is to share the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise with you. We believe anyone can be a successful trader and investor. Using a tried and tested methodology you can reap tonnes of profits  from the stock markets. Following our approach to the markets will open a wealth of strategies that can change your financial fortunes. Come to one of our trading seminars and that could be one of the best decisions you could have ever made in 2018!

Our Mission

FIG Trading wants to help  you achieve financial freedom through a structured programme pitched at your study pace, style and budget. We will show you that you don't need to be a PhD to trade the markets, you don't need to be from an Oxbridge or Ivy League background. Even if you haven't heard about Eton College or MIT you can learn the markets and profit from them. You only need to be dedicated, persistent and methodical in your approach. You can make tonnes of money and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, it is Possible! Yes You Can!! People are doing it everyday. Why not you?? Join us and we will provide you with the tools you need to be a successful and profitable trader. This could be the best decision you've ever made.

Join Us

Some of our successes have been captured by successful millionaire traders and investors who trade penny stocks and other markets. We have learned from these traders and developed our own trading style which suits our mission and personality. Let us help you find your trading edge because no single style matches everyone. 

Please fill in your details on the Contact Us Page and Get in touch


Head Office: +44 7368676641 (London)

Mobile:  +447511152847 (UK)  ; +27657215570 (RSA); +61407891039 (AUS)

Twitter: @FIG Trading & Investment Ltd

Instagram: fig_trading


Iggy's approach to trading the markets is unique, clear, concise and sublime. I've been very profitable since I signed up to his mentorship programme.

Ndaba Dube

HR Consultant, Vancouver, Canada

I was losing money trading penny stocks. I didnt have a plan nor risk management techniques. Farai helped me understand the Big Picture and walked me through his strategy. Within six months, I was in the green and have never looked back since. I am very happy with the results.

Marri-Anne Coltat

Nurse, London, United Kingdom

As a newbie part time trader, I stumbled on FIG Trading website and gave them a call for guidance. The service I received was excellent and now I'm looking forward  to the summer 2018 trading seminar in  the UK

Dumitru Priala

Business Owner, Fort McMurray, Canada